Elevate Personalized Connections with our Smart Dialer: Empowering Your Engagement Efforts.

Smart Dialer with Everquote Leads

Transform your interaction with Everquote leads through our advanced smart dialer feature. A Smart Dialer automates rapid dialing, revolutionizing the way insurance agencies operate.

Automatically funnel missed after-hours calls to the Smart Dialer and beyond.

How an insurance agencies use Smart Dialers:

  • Notify customers of policy updates (pre-recorded messages)
  • Remind them of renewal dates
  • Based on a client's history, present an offer for adding home insurance to their auto policy (cross-sell).
Insurance Agencies

Bid farewell to manual lead distribution.

Smart Router with Everquote Leads

Smart Routing enables insurance agencies to dynamically direct calls based on caller-linked website activities, historical engagement, or demographic background. For instance, callers who explored specific insurance service web pages can be directed to a specialized group of insurance agents well-versed in that domain.

How an insurance agencies use Smart Router:

  • Preferred agent routing
  • Language preference routing
  • Location-based routing
  • Time of the day (schedule) routing
  • Campaign specific routing

Elevate your customer interaction capabilities with our essential softphone tool.

Engage Everquote Leads with Web-Based Softphone

Insurance agents wield the flexibility to connect with Everquote leads, whether they're operating from the office or remotely. With Call P.O.P's dynamic web-based phone system, maintaining connections is effortless from any location.

Provide clients with a smooth experience, all while bypassing the expenses tied to conventional phone setups. Revel in the benefits of personalized call scripts, real-time agent dashboards, and the seamless integration with Salesforce.

Call Recording & Transcriptions with Everquote Leads

Call Recording & Transcription software improves customer interactions, training agents, maintaining compliance, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

How an insurance agency use call recording & transcriptions:

  • Managers evaluate agents' communication skills, product knowledge, and customer service quality.
  • Agents refer to call transcriptions when following up with potential leads.
  • Managers analyze calls for sentiment and keywords, providing insights into customer preferences, pain points, and suggestions.
  • Agent-Pairing

    Automatically assign leads to agents based on call duration. If an agent speaks to a potential lead for a set time, the lead is tagged with the agent's name, ensuring continuity for future interactions (screenshot to the left).

  • Lead Prioritization

    Trigger alerts for high-potential leads based on specific criteria, such as lead source, demographics, or expressed interest. Agents can prioritize these Everquote leads for quicker follow-up.

  • Cross-Sell- Opp

    Automate triggers that notify agents when a lead's call reveals potential cross-selling opportunities. Agents can then suggest additional products or coverage during subsequent interactions.

  • Referral Request

    Upon successfully converting an Everquote lead into a customer, set-up triggers that prompts satisfied clients for referrals or reviews. Proactively reach out to those who have experienced the value of your services

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Caller source and context

Equip yourself or team with caller context, history, and qualifying information in advance of connecting their call.

Capture unlimited data

Automatically tag your calls with important information such as contact, ad, campaign, context, location, and segment details.

Client call reporting

Post call details and outcomes in real-time to your preferred reporting tools automatically.

Hold and transfer

Efficiently manage calls with live call controls that facilitate warm transfers. Place callers on hold, find the best agent or representative, and then transfer the call for optimal conversion rates.

Route and distribute leads

Match leads with the agents or representatives most qualified to convert the sale, using statistical analysis, data segmentation, special offers, or any other relevant data attributes.

Automate follow up calls

Have your agents or representatives initiate a follow-up call based on specific actions taken by the lead.

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"Call P.O.P HELPED US GROW OUR CALL VOLUME. They're continuously adding features that have further enhanced our efficiency and customer satisfaction. A game-changer for our business”

Skip the maze, find your way! Voice menus: direct line to hassle-free interactions.

Everquote Lead Qualification and Segmentation

Voice Menus: Create prompts that act as a way to qualify leads and segment them based on their responses. This ensures that your agents prioritize follow-ups based on the lead's intentions, enhancing the efficiency of your lead management process.

How insurance agencies use Voice Menus:

  • Gather information from callers. By pressing a prompt related to existing coverage
  • Enables customers to interact with agencies outside of business hours.