Analytics & Reporting

Get a deeper understanding of your audience by listening to their own words and accessing easy-to-understand, up-to-date reports. It's like hearing their story directly and gaining valuable insights for your business.


Reporting & Analytics

No matter if you're a manager keeping an eye on important performance measures displayed on screens or a strategist delving into specific details for thorough analysis, our reports are designed to cater to your specific needs. Our reports can help you analyze various aspects like:

  • Number of leads coming from different sources
  • Return on investment (ROI) of your advertisements
  • Sentiment of your conversations
  • Effectiveness of your sales process
  • Identify areas for potential growth.

Slice, dice, and analyze your way through data like a pro. Filter, focus, and conquer!

Activity Report

The Activity Reports page offers call overviews for a chosen timeframe, sorted by a preferred dimension. Apply filters and date ranges to focus on specific calls, and select views like calls by source, hour of day, or campaign to organize data efficiently.

  • The Context

    Gain valuable insights about your leads' sources, touchpoints, and more, both before and after conversations.

  • The Subtext

    Automatically detect purchase intent and sentiment in conversations, whether individual or across audience segments.

  • The Next Steps

    Leverage call analytics to take action: follow up with leads faster, improve ad campaigns, and enhance CRM data.

No More Budget and Staffing

ROI Reports

ROI Reports that help you determine which marketing channels are actually working well and which ones are not. It's helpful for all marketers, including those who are already successful but may have limitations on their budget and staff. By knowing where your investments are paying off, you can save resources and make your business more profitable.

Please check out the written example of the ROI Report below.

View accuracy data for your tracking sources.


This report is awesome because it gives you important information about how well CallPOP can figure out and connect individual website visits to a specific marketing source. It also gives suggestions on how to improve the accuracy of these connections.

Please check out the written example of the Accuracy Report below, which is based on the screenshot on the left side.

Analyze Results

Let's say you're dividing your advertising budget: 30% on Facebook and Instagram, 50% on Google Ads, and 20% on posters at bus stations. After analyzing the results, you discover that the bus station posters generate 40% of your phone calls, and out of those calls, 70% end up resulting in sales. Armed with this data, you can confidently decide to invest more money in expanding the bus station ad campaign, while reducing the budget allocated to less effective channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.