Learn How CallPOP Works

You might be curious about how our software works. Well, at CallPOP, we offer a complete solution for your sales process. We're here to assist you at every stage, from the initial uncertainty before a potential customer reaches out to you, all the way to improving your post-call campaigns.

Before the Call

When people call your company, CallPOP starts gathering important information about them, like their online activity and what caught their interest. Before the call starts, CallPOP shows you or your sales team this information, so you can understand the caller better and customize your sales approach.

While On the Call

While you or your sales agents are engaged in conversations with potential customers, CallPOP automatically records and documents the call. Our advanced AI technology analyzes the transcribed call to identify important keywords, which are then used to categorize the call. This helps you track calls related to unhappy customers, successful deals, or specific topics of interest.

Post Call

After the call ends, CallPOP transfers the gathered information to your marketing tools. This lets you and your marketers access useful insights from one place. By integrating with these tools, CallPOP combines data from your campaigns with your leads' digital activity and conversions. This creates informative dashboards that show which campaigns bring in the most promising leads. In short, by using data effectively, you can make smarter decisions to maximize your return on investment.