Lead Center

Take the guesswork out of call routing. Use lead routing tools to ensure meaningful conversations without making callers go through a confusing transfer process.

Create Voice Menus

Lead Center: Custom Call Routing

Create interactive voice menus (IVRs), customized queues, and other features to provide your callers with a personalized and tailored experience.

Tailor your call routing to:

  • Expedite your lead follow up
  • Segment callers based on intent
  • Distribute leads to a dispersed team 
  • Automate changes based on schedules

Input Controls

Lead Center: (IVR) Voice Menus

Interactive voice response (IVR) menus communicate with callers either by using their voice or by pressing keys on their phone.

Greet your callers warmly with a friendly message that you have uploaded, and then guide them to choose their desired destination.

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Listen to Voice Menus from three industries: Online Retail, Coaching, and Insurance.


Quick solutions, high customer satisfaction.

Marketing teams put in a great deal of effort and resources to create experiences that encourage people to take action. But what happens once someone takes that action? CallPOP Metrics goes beyond just passing leads from marketing to sales. It offers advanced routing options for prompt follow-ups, personalized experiences, and ultimately, better conversations.


Lead Center: Route & Distribute Leads

Match leads with the agents or representatives most qualified to convert the sale, using statistical analysis, data segmentation, special offers, or any other relevant data attributes.

Easily choose how you distribute calls.

  • Simultaneously - Call each agent at the same time or in groups based on the weighting provided 
  • Round Robin - Rotate between each agent evenly and sequentially dial each agent 
  • Longest Wait - Rotate between each agent based on the same time the agent has been waiting for a call


Lead Center: Smart Dialer

A smart dialer automates the quick dialing of phone numbers.

  • Automatically dial a long list of phone numbers
  • Detect whether a live person answers the phone, and then hand the call over to an agent
  • Automatically add missed calls or after-hours calls to Smart Dialer campaigns, so they can be contacted by the next available agent
  • Link online forms to Smart Dialer campaigns, to decrease connect times and increase conversions

Never wait to chat - Connect faster and say goodbye to phone call hang-ups!

Lead Center: Power Dialers to the Rescue

A power dialer helps you make phone calls one after another, but with a real person already on the line when the call is connected. This means that the calls usually have fewer instances where the caller hangs up because they don't have to wait to talk to someone.

  • Automatically dial a long list of phone numbers
  • Detect whether a live person answers the phone, and then hand the call over to a human operator