Track top-performing marketing campaigns using trackable phone numbers! Calculate the ROI for your efforts.


Callers, VIP Treatment Awaits! Craft Customized Voice Menus and Queue Up the Perfect Experience for Every Conversation.


Agents can stay connected wherever they go with the (voip) softphone on their desktop or laptop! Work Remote from anywhere!


Say Hi to Lightning-Fast bonds. Faster dialing and increased productivity with smart dialers and routers! Optimize results!


Customize call distribution effortlessly: 
Simultaneously - Call agents at the same time or in groups based on weighting.


Build bridges with potential and current customers from the start! Forge unbreakable connections and deliver great service!


Implement trackable numbers across all platforms, campaigns, and emails to enhance insurance producer performance. Gain insights, allocate resources effectively, personalize conversations, and convert leads into loyal policyholders.

Dialing Done Right: Lightning-Fast Connections & Call Center Wizardry

What is a Smart Dialer?

A smart dialer automates the quick dialing of phone numbers.

  • Automatically dial a long list of phone numbers
  • Detect whether a live person answers the phone, and then hand the call over to an agent
  • Automatically add missed calls or after-hours calls to Smart Dialer campaigns, so they can be contacted by the next available agent
  • Link online forms to Smart Dialer campaigns, to decrease connect times and increase conversions

Insurance agencies utilize smart dialers to promptly notify policyholders about changes to their insurance policies

Pair potential customers with the agents or representatives

Smart Router

A Smart Router uses special rules and criteria to send incoming calls to specific teams, schedules, or waiting lines (or even to another smart router).

A Smart Router decides where to direct callers based on various factors like their previous interactions with the agency, where they are calling from, the time of their call, and other relevant information. It's like setting up a flowchart with "If/Then" conditions to make sure each call goes to the right place based on the caller's needs and the agencies requirements.

Insurance Agencies match leads with the agents most qualified to convert the sale, using statistical analysis, data segmentation, special offers, or any other relevant data attributes.

Navigate the Call Highway: Give Your Calls the VIP Treatment & Keep Your Conversations on the Right Track!

Custom Call Routing

Empower your prospects' and customers' experience with real-time routing options. Engage in personalized conversations through advanced rules-based flows, utilizing factors such as site visits, demographics, or caller history. Automate high-value conversations with our versatile toolkit for routing to multi-locations or teams, even with complex queues and structures.

Insurance agencies employ smart call routers to efficiently direct incoming calls to the most appropriate department or agent.

Weighting-based routing: roll out the red carpet for your top agents.

Distribute Calls/Leads

Easily choose how you distribute calls .

  • Simultaneously - Call each agent at the same time or in groups based on the weighting provided 
  • Round Robin - Rotate between each agent evenly and sequentially dial each agent 
  • Longest Wait - Rotate between each agent based on the same time the agent has been waiting for a call


Implement a 'Request for a Quote' tracking form on landing pages and connect it to a Smart Dialer campaign. Potential clients who submit the form are seamlessly added to a smart dialer queue. This enables them to receive an automatic call from the next available agent. This efficient approach in engaging prospects will give you a competitive advantage in a highly aggressive market, as it drastically reduces response times and enhances overall customer experience.


Agent Call Scripts

A call script is like a cheat sheet for agents during phone calls. It's a pre-written guide that provides them with helpful information and phrases to use during the conversation. This helps the agent assist the caller more effectively and smoothly.

Listen to Voice Menus from three industries: Online Retail, Coaching, and Insurance.

  • Web-based Softphone

    Stay connected from anywhere with Call P.O.P's versatile web-based phone system. Deliver a seamless customer experience without the costs of a traditional phone setup. Enjoy custom call scripts, live agent dashboards, and seamless Salesforce integration. Our softphone is a must-have tool for managing customer-facing teams.

  • Trackable Forms

    Capture, engage, and convert leads effortlessly with our instant lead tracking and engagement system. Generate auto-generated phone calls or text message follow-ups to enhance the customer experience. Call P.O.P is a marketer's secret weapon for capturing, qualifying, and converting leads faster than the competition.

  • Automated triggers

    Accelerate your customer's experience with automated personalization using powerful triggers. Define conversions for Google Ads and instantly tag conversations as sales opportunities. Streamline your marketing and sales strategies with easy-to-create if/then conditions.

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Lead Aggregator Everquote and Call Tracking Software

Everquote, a platform crafted exclusively for insurance agents. Explore how insurance agencies are effectively employing Call P.O.P in conjunction with lead generation websites like Everquote.

Everquote Leads

Lead Aggregators

Dial-in with Caller Insights, History & Qualifying Info for Conversations!

Call Source & Context

Get ready to rock your calls! Before connecting with a caller, make sure you have all the important details about them. This includes their background, previous interactions, and any relevant information to help you better understand their needs and provide the best assistance.

Spice up Your Conversations with Hot Transfers and Turn Calls into Conversion Gold!

Hold & Transfer Calls

Efficiently manage calls with live call controls that facilitate warm transfers. Place callers on hold, find the best agent or representative, and then transfer the call for optimal conversion rates.

Drop-in on Success: Listen to Customer Conversations. Strengthen Productivity with Real-Time Coaching Nuggets!

Call Recording & Transcriptions

Psst! Wanna know a secret? Access stories hidden in your customer communications with call recordings and transcriptions! Quickly review specific calls or juicy segments, and pump up your team's productivity with real time coaching moments.

Follow-Up on Autopilot: Empower Your Agents to Take Action!

Automate Follow-Up Calls

Empower your agents or representatives to initiate follow-up calls based on specific actions taken by potential customers. They can even automate the calling process for increased efficiency.

Customer Call Reporting

Post call details and outcomes in real-time to your preferred reporting tools automatically.