Call Tracking & Softphone: Farmers Insurance Case Study

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Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas, a local insurance agency in Ontario, California, sought to improve their campaign tracking capabilities for both online and offline initiatives. To achieve this goal, they implemented Call Tracking and VoIP Softphone Software, CallPOP. This case study explores how these solutions revolutionized their communication processes and enhanced customer journey personalization.

Tracking Online and Offline Campaigns

Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas integrated CallPOP's Call Tracking and VoIP Softphone Software to accurately trace the origin of every call. With this system in place, their Insurance producers, telemarketers, and customer service representatives could effortlessly identify the source of incoming calls, whether from Google Business Profile, Facebook, their website, or any other campaign.

Customizing Conversations and Customer Journeys

Armed with precise campaign data, the team at Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas effectively customized their conversations and customer journeys. By knowing the caller's campaign source, agents tailored their approach, providing a more personalized experience. This level of customization led to improved customer satisfaction and enhanced conversion rates.

Efficient Policyholder Notifications

The use of smart dialers proved invaluable when Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas needed to notify policyholders about changes to their insurance policies. Smart dialers automated the process, ensuring timely notifications to a large number of policyholders, increasing overall efficiency.

Sticky Lead Assignment through Smart Dialers

With the implementation of smart dialers, Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas optimized lead assignment. If an agent or telemarketer conversed with a lead for over two minutes, the lead became "sticky" to that particular agent or telemarketer. This strategic feature ensured continuity and personalized follow-ups, increasing lead conversion rates.

IVR Voice Menus and Smart Routers for Effective Call Routing

To streamline call routing and match inbound calls with the most qualified agents, Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas utilized IVR Voice Menus and Smart Routers. The system employed statistical analysis and data segmentation to route calls to agents with the highest likelihood of converting the sale. This intelligent approach increased the efficiency of the sales process.

The voice menus allowed the agency to efficiently route and manage calls based on specific scenarios, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for every caller. 

Empowering Remote Communication

Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas successfully empowered their remote insurance agents by providing them with Softphones and workflow automations such as texting and email. The Softphone functionality allowed agents to communicate with leads seamlessly, ensuring continuous engagement and a cohesive customer experience.

Round Robin Queues for Remote Agents

Remote insurance agents at Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas were integrated into Round Robin queues, replicating the office environment. This innovative approach improved agent morale, team collaboration, and a sense of inclusivity, regardless of their physical location.

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