AskAI is like a smart computer program that listens to phone calls, text messages, and chats. It figures out what's being said and organizes all the information. Understand the conversation and learn important things from them.

Send automated messages based on what was talked about

Access Intent and Keyword Data Seamlessly

With AI-driven conversation tools, marketing and sales teams can access organized data with tags and scores. They can quickly find important parts of conversations with identified keywords. This saves time and speeds up analysis and follow-up.

Talking with a Twist: AskAI's Ready Questions Chat, You Relax!

AskAI Powered By ChatGPT

Use a bunch of ready questions that get answered automatically after talking on the phone, chatting, or texting.

AskAI checks out the talks and quickly responds to your questions. This gives important info and saves time.

These questions help teams to:

  1. Decide which calls to focus on and who to call back first.
  2. Reach out to people who are almost ready to make a decision.
  3. Make sure each customer feels special.
  4. Rate calls and leads without doing it yourself.
  5. Suggest what to do next, like sending a follow-up text.

Know What's Up and Keep the Chat Going!

Save Time and Provide Personalized Communications

The top questions people ask AskAI:

  • Was the call good?
  • What did the caller want?
  • Is this a good opportunity?
  • Can you sum up this call in two sentences?
  • Was the caller happy?
  • Did this call lead to a success?

AskAI puts your chosen answers in a simple dashboard. When that person contacts again, the responding agent instantly knows what they talked about before and what happened.